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The Casspion

Screen Cleaning Solution

Screen Cleaning Solution

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Hydrophobicity Improves Smoothness a high Waterproof Performance. Strictly Selected Ingredients to Restore to High Definition And Transparency.


Prevent Fingerprints and Grease on The Screen with our Safe And Effective solution. The Solution Has flawless Microscopic Morphology And Hydrophobic Cuticle Wax. This Special Construction Helps Trap Air, Preventing Wetting The Surface. Such Surfaces Are "super hydrophobic Surfaces". This Hydrophobic Surface Can Effectively Prevent Pollution, Dust And Impurities On The Surface. Our Product Takes Advantage Of This.

Easy To Use

A Small Bottle, Easy To Use, Equipped With A Wiping Cloth, Just Spray And Wipe To Clean. Works best when used with our "Spray and Microfiber Screen Cleaner" 


size: 1pcs, 3pcs, 5pcs                                                                                                                  Material: Industrial Polymer Container, Distilled Dihydrogen Oxide + Ethanol

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